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Meltwater is a media intelligence company that provides media and social media monitoring, helping businesses build and grow brands. In an effort to gain more visibility, the company wanted to re-position itself as an essential tool for marketers.

In order to drive brand awareness for Meltwater, Mutant created a PR-driven campaign in Singapore. The campaign also leveraged Meltwater’s data for insights to create engaging and timely media stories. As part of this PR campaign, Mutant helped to position Meltwater as an essential tool that helps businesses to gain insights that drive decisions. Mutant is working with Meltwater on an ongoing retainer since July 2017.

Mutant gathered strong media attention with over 60 articles within the first 4 months, timely tapping on key opportunities such as Singapore’s Presidential Election and the F1 race. The campaign increased the number of leads by 52%, compared to Meltwater’s sales team through PR amplification of a Meltwater Hospitality industry report. Mutant also wrote impactful reports with an average click to open rate of 34%.