The Rise Of A New Breed Of Influencer During MCO…The Home Influencer

With much of the world confined to their homes during government implemented lockdowns, a new breed of influencers have emerged—the home influencer.

With no events to attend or places to visit, influencers needed to quickly adjust to life in lockdown and many started to experiment with new ways of engaging their followers from the confines of their homes. And brands are here for it. 

Despite the restrictions and lockdown measures in place, brands still find value in engaging with these homefluencers because people are spending even more time on social media during the lockdown.

Over the last few years, influencers have gained immense popularity and they’re now a vital part of brands’ social media strategy. Indeed, in uncertain times and when trust all around the world is declining, influencers are seen as trusted sources in niche communities. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies need to find new and creative ways of working with influencers to not only create good content but also develop a mutually beneficial working relationship with influencers. 

So how can we ensure an effective influencer campaign that not only aligns with your business goal, but also features exciting and fun content from the influencer’s home?

Choosing the right influencer

It is key for companies to choose the right influencer to suit the brand’s objectives and tone. It is not about choosing the influencer with the most followers, it is about digging deeper to find out what the influencer likes and dislikes. 

Mutant makes it a point to select influencers who align with the brand’s offering and tone-of-voice. Having a mismatched message seeded to a million followers can do more harm than good. For example, having a lactose intolerant influencer promote a new ice cream flavour not only makes it seem disingenuous, but it can also paint the brand in a bad light. That is why choosing the right person to tell your story requires careful selection and research. 

Don’t discount micro-influencers

The number of followers do not guarantee a successful campaign. Sometimes, micro-influencers with fewer followers but stronger engagement can prove to be a better option. 

We find that working with micro-influencers who have built up a specialisation can create a strong impact for brands. For instance, if you’re looking to launch an environmental movement that cuts out single-use plastic straws from our lives, you may want to engage with a micro-influencer to help raise awareness on the initiative. Perhaps engage a local artist who is passionate about the environment to tell a visual story of the journey on single-use straws by bringing the artist’s drawings to life with stop-motion animation. Not only can they narrate the story, they can also feature their artwork and raise awareness on an important issue that is close to their heart. 

Get creative!

Having a brand mentioned in an unboxing video is not going to give you strong business results because consumers today are savvy. Brands should think outside the box and work with influencers to come up with an idea that will engage audiences. 

Don’t be afraid to give influencers creative control. After all, they got to where they are today because people like their content. Plus, giving influencers creative control gives them the opportunity to inject their voice and personality in the campaign. 

Get your bang for buck

There are various ways brands can work with influencers to drive business results. Brands can conduct an affiliate marketing campaign with an influencer by giving them a personal discount code for their friends and family to spur sales, or consider sweetening the deal by giving influencers a performance-based bonus. Bottom line, there are a bunch of ways to achieve real business goals. 

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