What Do We Do In The Second Half Of The Year?

I think we’re all relieved that we can now get some fresh air and see the blue sky, even if we still need to proceed with caution. But for some businesses, the implications of an extended lockdown have been brutal. Within the media space, BlueInc—the country’s biggest magazine publisher, responsible for titles such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Cleo decided to shut down. 

If you’re a client of ours—you’re understandably worried by this. After all, on top of publishing influential magazines with wide readerships, it was the largest media house to work with mid-range lifestyle brands, influencers and rising KOLs. What do you do next? Should you slash your PR budgets? Is there a media title you can be published in now? Our honest advice? It’s time to restrategize. Here’s how:

 Go where your target audience hangs out

There’s no need to change your entire communication strategy – you just have to shift it a little. To do this, think about how your target audience will discover new products now that these publications are no longer available online and in print. Consider what else they read and which social platforms they frequent, and then figure out how to make your brand visible there. 

For example,  If your audience consists of  urban moms, you could write a piece for MakChic, The Asian Parent or Motherhood.com.my.  Perhaps collaborate with an urban mom influencer or with a brand that reaches urban moms and has a complimentary (non-competitive) product or service to yours. By shifting your focus to these types of channels, you’ll be able to continue targeting your audience in entirely new ways while  finding new customers.

Focus on building your brand with content marketing

The good news: there are other types of content you can create, be it  blogs articles,  podcasts, infographics, ebooks, whitepapers and webinars. The bad news: it can be really confusing where to start if you don’t have a solid foundation in place. 

If you have a small budget, develop the content that you’re most excited about and what your audience will find the most useful. It’s important to host and share that content on your website and through email marketing so that you can track and measure its efficacy as well as develop a closer relationship with your audience. In addition, ensure that you repurpose content on platforms that are relevant to your brand. 

Sticking with  our busy urban mum example, video content may be tricky to consume with kids around. However, audio content via a podcast or short form articles may be easier for them while they’re on the go. . So if you opt for a podcast, then consider creating a highlight or recap version that could be shared on social media channels and via email.

Strengthen your online profiles and social media content

People today are looking for authenticity. One way to show them who you are is through your most visible platforms: social media. In order to ensure your messaging is consistent, take the time to focus on developing clear content pillars for your social media content. As with content marketing, focus on one or two channels and be sure to update them consistently in order to build your following and your brand. As you do this, engagement should increase and brand awareness will follow.

If this shift in strategy, has you feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and maybe even go for a walk! You can do that now! At Mutant, we’ve created strong communications strategies, key messaging and content pillars for a variety of brands—and would be happy to help you. Drop us a line at hello@mutant.com.my.

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