Why We’re Launching Mutant for Good, Our First CSR Initiative

This year marks Mutant’s 10th anniversary. 

It’s been an incredible decade of growth, successes, valuable lessons, and failures. We’ve had plenty of struggles, but have always worked together to find ways to effectively navigate muddy waters. 

When we launched Mutant, the goal was to build one of the best PR and content agencies in Southeast Asia, and then continue expanding. Looking back, while I can confidently say we have achieved these goals, there’s one area we haven’t focused on as much – and that’s ensuring our work has an impact that extends beyond clients, to make a mark and leave a legacy.

Giving back to the community

Throughout my life, I have fought for what I believe in. I’ve run ultramarathons for charity, joined protests, volunteered around the world and, back in my days as a journalist, written articles about worthy causes to amplify voices that needed to be heard. Doing something positive for society that creates a lasting impact is important, and so we thought it was high time to wrap this into Mutant’s values and mission. 

That’s why Mutant is launching its inaugural, team-driven CSR initiative, Mutant for Good

While we have been focused on leading award-winning work, I am acutely aware of the state of the world and the need to create something that addresses key concerns, while also ensuring everyone at Mutant has the chance to be part of making a difference. We see Mutant for Good as an ongoing movement that will galvanise a generation of passionate and enthusiastic advocates, who in turn will continue to educate and inspire their communities to take action and make change.

Empowering Mutants to showcase their cross-functional team capabilities 

Team satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and we’ve been able to create the work we do because we focus on a healthy work culture that prioritises inclusion and talent development. Mutant for Good aligns perfectly with our goal of offering staff an exceptional professional experience, where they can take pride in seeing their efforts come to life. 

Mutant for Good offers our Mutants an opportunity to work on an exciting campaign that pushes their limits creatively and exposes them to different skill-sets.  A unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and collaborate on meaningful work, this initiative will see them work together to bring it to life — regardless of whether they work in PR, content, branding, or design.

We want people to use their skills for a good cause, and try their hand at developing capabilities and exploring new functions.We work with a slew of unique clients across multiple verticals, and with Mutant for Good we also hope to inspire them to support our causes. This includes exploring potential content partnerships, thought leadership from key eco-conscious decision makers, and even volunteering opportunities with our non-profit partners. 

We will be officially launching our first Mutant for Good campaign in September, where you can see the final results of months of hard work from the team. I won’t give too much away, but it has been an ambitious endeavour, and I’m proud that we have all become involved with something that’s bigger than all of us.

To learn about Mutant for Good and stay updated with our efforts, please watch this space for more, and follow us on socials. 

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