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Mutant Communications Malaysia - About us

Welcome to Mutant Communications

Mutant Communications is a dynamic agency with a strong track record in delivering tailored public relations, content marketing and digital campaigns in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the wider region.

We're working closely with brands to ensure their message is heard. Be it media communication, staging amazing events, building industry thought leaders or connecting brands to their digital audiences - we know what works and how to tell compelling stories.

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How to have a Stronger Personal Brand on LinkedIn

People think of brands in terms of products or companies, forgetting that individuals need branding too. From fresh graduates to C-suite executives,

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Why Agencies are a Great Place for Fresh Grads Looking for PR Gigs

Can we acknowledge how much pressure is placed on fresh grads to decide upon a major that would define their professional career forever? As a tourism

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The Role of PR and Communications in Building Ethical Businesses

Digitisation is transforming how we live, learn, work, and play – with the media industry, of course, being no stranger to how digital advances are

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Honey, How’s My Makeup Today?

Rebranding is only about a new logo and a new website. Or is it? Suppose you’re starting a new business. Your new business needs a face and an

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How to deal with data gatekeepers for an insight-driven story

Any good communications professional – whether in-house or agency kid through and through - will want to work on a story based on data-driven

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Media training: How to not mess up a media interview

A bumbling celebrity struggling to find the right words to a question asked by a particularly persistent journalist, a panicky politician trying their

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What makes a good client-agency relationship?

Whether it’s a friendship, marriage or courtship, there’s no denying that a relationship is hard work. And contrary to what romantic comedies would

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Avoid these five things when working with a designer

People employ designers for many reasons: either they want to revamp their company website, or want to let potential clients know that they are

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How my journalism skills helped me navigate through the PR world

My foray into the public relations world was a fairly recent one. After six years of being a journalist, I decided to try something new and join the

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Resource Library
Resource Library