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As public relations and content marketing never stop evolving, we keep a close eye on the industry and creative campaigns in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Our Mutant blog will keep you updated with the latest tips and trends that can help to boost your business and take your brand to the next level.

Go on – read up on industry insights, campaign analyses and more. If you want to discuss anything further, just reach out to and we will talk about it.

Honey, How’s My Makeup Today?

Rebranding is only about a new logo and a new website. Or is it? Suppose you’re starting a new business. Your new business needs a face and an identity – a basic kit of deliverables that define what your business looks like: a logo, business cards, letterhead, a website. But where do you find ... Read More

How to deal with data gatekeepers for an insight-driven story

Any good communications professional – whether in-house or agency kid through and through - will want to work on a story based on data-driven insights. While on the surface, this approach seems like an effortless way to conjure a credible story, those who have spent their entire lives working with ... Read More

Media training: How to not mess up a media interview

A bumbling celebrity struggling to find the right words to a question asked by a particularly persistent journalist, a panicky politician trying their best to worm their way out of a press conferences - these are all familiar images in our media which occur at an embarrassingly common rate. ... Read More

What makes a good client-agency relationship?

Whether it’s a friendship, marriage or courtship, there’s no denying that a relationship is hard work. And contrary to what romantic comedies would have you believe, the story does not conclude with you riding off into the sunset with the One. There’s still growing to do together, after that ... Read More

Avoid these five things when working with a designer

People employ designers for many reasons: either they want to revamp their company website, or want to let potential clients know that they are indeed, connoisseurs of good design. There is no shortage of talented designers in Malaysia, which is why working with us can be a seamless process…as long ... Read More

How my journalism skills helped me navigate through the PR world

My foray into the public relations world was a fairly recent one. After six years of being a journalist, I decided to try something new and join the “dark side of journalism”.  That’s right! I moved into the public relations industry, filling my world with press release drafting, media ... Read More

There’s no covering up a rotten company culture

When asked to describe your company’s work culture, you boast to your friends about the infinite carb-filled sweetmeats, plush sleeping pods, and the infinite supply of *insert appropriate beverage*. They nod approvingly, while inwardly wishing it was them instead who got the chance to work in a ... Read More

How to make celebrity endorsements work for your brand

The influence of celebrities can be immensely powerful. Whether you believe their power stems from genuine talent or notoriety, one thing’s for sure – they hold massive sway over their enthralled fans – including how their fans spend money or they decisions they will make.  For example, the ... Read More

Organising media launches the non-conventional way

Because a media launch is a one-time deal, you have only one chance to get it right. In fact, a media launch can make or break a brand.But no pressure, right? Though it can be an incredibly nerve-wracking event, a media launch doesn’t have to feel like you’re a contestant on an episode of Shark ... Read More

Here’s how to harness your inner cynic

Of late, if you feel like you’ve been bombarded with well-meaning yet hollow statements which somehow seem to centre around themes of positivity, mindfulness and gratitude, you’re not alone. It’s one thing to remain positive even in the face of adversity. It’s another thing to completely cast aside ... Read More

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