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Our aim is to help companies grow further, reach their target audiences and tell their stories in the most compelling way possible. As public relations and content marketing are constantly evolving, we support our clients in keeping at the forefront of change.

With creative and targeted campaigns, we will help your business to thrive and become a thought-leader within your field, build a strong brand and turn your audience into qualified leads.


Public Relations

A strong public relations strategy is vital to every business. Mutant Communications helps you to build a solid approach to PR and marketing that aims at building credibility, engaging customers (and reaching new ones), developing trust among stakeholders and entering new markets successfully.

We understand how important results are for businesses. With the relevant industry expertise, know-how, strong relationships and great contacts, we can get your brand heard and amplify its messages to journalists, influencers and bloggers.

Our service overview:
Media Relations – Event Management – Personalised Pitching – Blogger Engagement – Branding and Messaging – PR Audit

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Content Marketing

Content marketing has caused a major shift across industries. Why? Simply because it’s effective if executed right. We can help you make content marketing work for your brand.

The expectations of audiences in Malaysia and their responses to traditional marketing are constantly evolving. Unique and curated quality content is crucial to help you market your brand, drive relevant traffic and convert users into customers. Content marketing also helps to educate audiences about what your business does, while delivering valuable information to existing customers. Essentially, it’s the art of effectively communicating with your target audience without directly selling your product.

A strong content campaign should never be invasive. Done correctly – the experience will be enjoyable and seamless. Let’s master the art of content marketing together!

Our service overview:
Blogs – Opinion Pieces – Newsletters – Infographics – Case Studies – e-books – Website Audits

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Thought Leadership

Do you want to get noticed as an industry thought leader and expert in your field? If you have the knowledge and insight, we can ensure you are seen and heard by the people that really matter. Let’s establish yourself as a leader, making sure your expertise is reaching all the right places.

A thought leadership campaign will help you build trust amongst your potential clients and highlight your unique selling proposition.

Our service overview:
Strategy – Opinion Pieces – Content Development – Personal Profiling – Media Engagement

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Social Media

Social media is the new shop front for your brand. But it’s more than a nifty marketing tool that connects you with your target audience, as creative social media campaigns can help your brand to reach a bigger scale. No matter the size of your business – it helps you drive leads.

Wanting to champion your business digitally, you need to not only understand which platforms your audiences favour but also have a strategy on how to engage them successfully with strong relevant content that drives business.

We love the intricacies of social media – from crafting Facebook content to impactful and targeted social ads.

Our service overview:
Social Media Strategy  – Social Media Copywriting –  Content Creation and Design – Campaign Execution – Social Advertising

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Media Training

No matter how often you have been interviewed – being in the spotlight is not easy. We totally understand this issue. The PR experts at Mutant Communications help both individuals and companies to define their key messaging and teach you how to get them across. We will also prepare you for tricky and negative questions and how to respond positively while getting you familiar with the media and journalists and what they are looking for in a story.

With our intensive training sessions, you will learn how to handle the demands of journalists by responding carefully crafted messages. Our media training courses will give you a comprehensive introduction to video and print interviews, including practical exercises that offer executives the opportunity to build the necessary confidence.

Our service overview:
Media Knowledge – Building Confidence –  Identifying Goals – Message Creation & Delivery

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Still not sure?

Get in touch with us. We will gladly answer all your questions about PR and content marketing and how they can positively impact your business.

No matter if you just require a little guidance or demand a comprehensive strategy for intensive campaigns – we will tailor each campaign to your business needs. Let us know where you want to go and we’ll craft and execute an approach that gets you there.

We will work as the extension of your in-house team and help you to achieve the best results for your brand while keeping it fun along the way.

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