Case Study:

AI Rudder

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Job Scope



3 months project in 2021


AI Rudder relocated to Singapore from China in mid-2021 and was undergoing intense competition from its global counterparts. In reaching out to Mutant, AI Rudder’s goal was to launch its AI voice assistant product globally - and to do this, the company needed to improve its brand recognition and relook at its positioning in the market.

Services Provided

Brand Audit, Brand Strategy, Brand Expression, Brand Positioning, Key Messaging, Visual Identity System


In a short 3-month period, Mutant was able to help AI Rudder quickly develop a brand strategy framework that aligned with its future business goals.

  • Mutant commenced with a Brand Audit, which helped us to identify and develop the brand strategy. This was then used to guide all aspects of brand positioning - from product strategy, customer experience and go-to-market decision making, to talent acquisition and employee engagement.
  • Mutant developed the Key Messaging and established AI Rudder’s brand voice and identity.
  • Results to date include a cohesive brand identity, stronger brand recognition among key investors and stakeholders, and clarity in communication messaging.
Mutant helped AI Rudder move the needle from ambiguity to a streamlined narrative that resonates with global stakeholders, while adding value to the overall AI Rudder brand. Mutant has continued to work with AI Rudder subsequently, supporting its expansion and growth through targeted strategic PR communications support.
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