Doing PR During A Dry Spell

Public relations is all about getting your brand in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message. But what happens when there’s no big news to share? When there are no new products, services, or major company milestones to announce, it can be a challenge to stay top-of-mind with journalists, influencers, and consumers.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on PR altogether. In fact, with a little creativity and strategic thinking, companies can generate media coverage and build brand awareness even when there’s no ‘news’ to share.

From thought leadership pieces to data-driven insights, there are plenty of ways to do PR without a big announcement – and we’re going to explore how you can go about doing PR during a dry season.

Create the news

Want to make headlines and generate buzz for your brand? Instead of waiting for news to happen, why not create it yourself? By harnessing the power of data and crafting compelling campaigns, companies can generate their own news and earn media coverage that positions them as leaders in their industry.

Whether it’s a groundbreaking study, a provocative survey, or a unique analysis of industry trends, data-driven campaigns can capture the attention of journalists and consumers alike, showcasing your brand’s expertise and relevance in a crowded marketplace.

For instance, earlier this year, Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app,  launched a Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day campaign titled ‘Bumble Love Letters’. This data-driven campaign highlighted the social pressures around pairing up, particularly within Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, which coincided this year.

In a nationwide survey, the dating app found that 1 in 5 Singapore singles feels pressured to be coupled up during these holidays. The campaign then challenged Singaporean singles to show love to the ultimate date: themselves. 

Jump onto the bandwagon

Are you tired of waiting for news to happen before you can get your company’s name in the press? With the power of ‘newsjacking’, you can leverage current events to boost your brand’s visibility and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This strategy, also known as thought leadership PR, involves providing expert opinions on trending topics to secure quotes in news articles and opinion pieces. 

For example, during the conversations around tech layoffs, a behavioural coach from Intellect, a mental health app,  highlighted the importance of paying attention to ‘survivors’ guilt’, which are the feelings of remorse for having survived the layoffs, and contributed her insight to an industry piece by a regional HR publication. 

By investing time in building relationships with journalists and making yourself available when newsjacking opportunities arise, your company can reap the rewards of a successful PR strategy even without any major announcements to share.

Meet the people who create the news

In a world where digital communication is king, it’s easy to forget the power of a face-to-face meeting. But when it comes to public relations, there’s still no substitute for building strong relationships with journalists and the media. By taking the time to meet with reporters, you can gain valuable insights into their interests and needs, while also showcasing your brand’s expertise and thought leadership. Whether it’s a casual coffee chat or a formal media event, in-person meetings can lay the foundation for long-term partnerships that benefit both your brand and the media outlets you work with.

For instance, at the recent Singapore Yachting Festival, we organised a media sneak preview so that journalists could learn and understand more about the yachting lifestyle while setting sail on a leisurely cruise to St. John’s Island. A digital editor of a luxury magazine remarked that prior to the event, he did not see the appeal of setting sail on a yacht, but after his experience, he could understand why people do it often!

Having a solid PR plan in place is essential for companies looking to build brand awareness, establish credibility, and generate media coverage. But it’s important to remember that PR isn’t just about announcing new products or services – it’s about building relationships, providing value to your audience, and positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a PR strategy in place even during the so-called ‘dry’ seasons when there may not be any major news to share. This allows companies to stay top-of-mind with journalists, influencers, and consumers year-round. With a little creativity and strategic thinking, any company can leverage the power of PR to achieve their business goals.

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