What to expect from clients based on their Chinese zodiac sign

This Lunar New Year, we’re analysing clients and their behaviours according to their animal sign as per the Chinese Zodiac. Do any of these traits seem familiar?


In times of crisis, you can count on your Rat client to remain calm, cool and collected. If they find themselves in a hole (which they might or might not have dug for themselves), you can expect them to be willing to put in the work to climb their way out of it – gracefully.


The Ox client might not initially be receptive to new ways of doing things, and may come off as resistant to change. Convincing them to take that leap of faith with you will be a bit of a challenge since they tend to be stubborn, but they’ll place their unwavering trust in you once you’ve won them over.


For the adventurous Tiger client, the theme is ‘the bigger the better’. This year, they will pounce on the most outrageous, larger-than-life ideas you throw at them – no matter how ambitious it may seem. So let your imagination run wild.


The Rabbit client is naturally empathetic and sensitive, with an astute understanding of the human condition. Where others may not care about subtle details or dismiss the finer points of a proposal as irrelevant, it’s all about those little flourishes for the Rabbit, so be sure to pay attention to even the most minor points if you want them to hop on board.


It’s fun working with Dragon clients – they’re enigmatic and charming like no other. However, they might not be the most agreeable people when things do not go their way, so employ diplomacy when breaking bad news or delivering less than stellar results.


Snake clients are sophisticated, and will go to great lengths to ensure everything they sign-off on adheres to their personal standards. This can sometimes be tedious or frustrating – especially because they can be less outgoing than others and you might find yourself pulling out all the stops in order to really connect with them – but it’s worth it, in the end.


Horse clients are incredibly spirited, and will likely say yes to every idea you and your team come up with. What’s more, you can count on Horses to gallop in order to get work done – but that also means they expect work to be completed at a brisk pace. Do you best to keep pace, but also be clear in communicating the deadlines you and your team are capable of delivering.


Working with Goat clients is usually a smooth process thanks to their easy-going, mellow demeanour. They rely a fair bit on their instincts, which may lead them to act on the first solution they’re presented with rather than taking the time to pause and consider others, but with the right encouragement, they’ll consider all options and then climb the mountain with you.


Facts, figures and numbers may appeal more to the Monkey client than aesthetic images and lofty ideas. Make them see the practicality and profitability of your ideas, and they will be all yours.


Of all of your clients, you will find the Rooster is extremely particular about timeliness. If you have decided on certain deadlines when negotiating with a Rooster client, they might as well be set in stone, so you’d better deliver.


You can depend on the Dog client to keep their word and stick with plans until the very end, even if they have to do so at a great personal cost. They will likely be reluctant to ask for help even if they need it, so do offer to take some responsibilities off their plate if you sense they can use some relief.


Pigs are very sociable and people-oriented, and you can be assured of a good time when you are working with them. Easily trusting, the Pig client can come across as gullible, but fear not – they are surprisingly clever.

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