The Different Faces Of Tech PR: Yes, There Are Many

I’ve spent about three years now as a PR consultant for a robust mix of (almost exclusively) technology clients, and no two days of my job have been the same so far. That’s because much like the dynamic nature of the industry itself, the communication needs of technology brands are constantly changing.

Most people outside the industry (and surprisingly, even some within it) think of tech PR in a unidimensional way — launch an app, create some buzzwords and slap a press release on it. If they’re feeling creative, they’ll throw a couple of media interviews into the mix. While this cookie-cutter approach might sound easy and even land some coverage, it’s not going to build a brand that lasts. 

It may sound counter-intuitive for a PR practitioner to say this, but today’s coverage will probably be forgotten tomorrow. Brands that truly want to make a mark in the media landscape should look beyond just coverage and focus on positioning themselves as true change-makers that are leading and defining exciting conversations within their space.

At Mutant, there are various ways we work to achieve this. Here are some of the top tools in our arsenal when it comes to delivering kick-ass campaigns for our technology clients:

Talk about real impact with authenticity

While talking about the specifications of their technology can be very exciting for clients, journalists and general audiences often aren’t as interested in details about hardware or the latest feature upgrade that just dropped. To increase impact, conversations about technology have to resonate at a deeper level. A tale told well is always more memorable than a cold hard list of facts and jargon. 

Businesses that want to grab media attention need to actively build narratives that humanize their brand and help them connect with wider communities. For instance, we recently started working with ecommerce start-up Ula to amplify how they’re supporting the digitalisation of Indonesia’s traditional warungs, which form an essential but highly underserved segment of a rising economy. Talking about the real value and difference you are adding to people’s lives will go a long way in establishing the legacy of your brand.

Leverage data — and then do it again

Amidst an increasingly cluttered media landscape, leveraging data will help you stand out from the crowd by offering your audiences compelling and genuine insights. We are also increasingly seeing  data-driven campaigns helping our clients establish unique thought-leadership positions within their industry. Last year, we worked with Taiwan-based startup iKala to put together an insightful report around social commerce, which not only drew significant media attention but also established them as go-to experts in a relatively untapped domain and opened up exciting partnership opportunities.

In a different take, we also work with clients like Meltwater to maintain a healthy pipeline of year-round newsjacking opportunities in which we provide journalists with timely data to support various trending stories. Over the years, we’ve helped Meltwater build a reputation for delivering fast and relevant insights, and are now proactively approached by some of the country’s top media publications when they’re planning ahead for a big story.

Nurture key media relationships

It’s no secret that the global tech media pool is a limited space — and even more so in Southeast Asia. When working with only a handful of quality publications, it becomes crucial to go the extra mile and develop relationships with key journalists to build positive brand associations and remain top-of-mind.

In the pre-Covid world, we could do this through  media events and meet-and-greets, but current restrictions have made it necessary to adapt and evolve. Earlier this year, we helped M1 with the virtual media launch of their new brand identity, engaging over 20 key journalists in an extensively planned digital event, complete with customised meals delivered to their homes. Since then, we’ve secured several one-on-one opportunities with key media outlets that showcased insights from the company’s chief executive.

Want to learn more about how we help our technology clients create impactful campaigns? Drop us a line at [email protected]!

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